GGR in November amounted to $4.1m (£3.0m/€3.3m), surpassing the previous monthly record of $2.8m set in October 2020 by 46.4%.

This came despite players wagering less than in the previous month, with the total $25.0m spend in November being 15.3% lower than the $29.5m bet in October.

Some 823,483 bets were placed in November by 22,989 unique active players, with the average wager amount standing at $30.41 for the month.

Football was the most popular sport among players, with $14.7m wagered in November, resulting in $3.2m in GGR. Soccer followed in a distant second with $3.8m in wagers and $207,663 in GGR, then basketball on $2.2m in bets and $166,415 GGR.

Some 601,546 bets were placed before events, compared to 221,937 in play, while 527,412 wagers were single and teasers bets, ahead of 296,071 combo and systems bets.

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