Did you know there’s a way to play slots for free? Well there is such a thing as slots online freerolls and you’ll most commonly find them as slots tournaments.

Some casinos will simply give you some free spins, maybe 200, and you can claim that offer every week, but this isn’t what we’re here for. We want to tell you about tournaments in which you can win huge prizes just by playing your favorite slot game.

This is how you add another layer of value to your slot game as not only you’ll be winning money you’d win on your slot anyway, but your spins amount to something even better – a chance to win a prize.

Slots tournaments

These are the tournaments where you have to spend money on playing your slot – otherwise everyone would simply click autoplay on a demo game and be done with it. Most tournaments have leaderboards and the player that played the most spins and with the largest bet size will be the one who tops the leaderboard and wins the prize.

Now it’s just a matter of deciding if you want to invest more in that game you’re usually playing, or do you want to keep your bet level the same, and then you can choose an appropriate tournament in which you can participate. You will usually also be gathering comp points and this will contribute to your VIP level, so there’s another benefit.

True freerolls

There are also tournaments in which you can play fof free as you’re given starting chips and then it’s your job to not lose them and to win as many chips as you possibly can, preferably more than other competitors.

This functions in very similar manner to poker freerolls, hence the name, and freerolls are a great way to give yourself a chance to win big while not investing anything at all, though be warned that freerolls always have lots of people who are competing for the same prize since the barrier to entry is none – freerolls are free.

Now that you know these exist, go ahead and try them out. It’s important to let your spins amount to something other than a simple payline win, and tournaments and freerolls are just the way to do that.


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