The ongoing discussion about gambling regulation in Netherlands has created a bit of a confusion among players, so in this article we’ll look at what are the best online casinos for Dutch players and we’ll also explain the current rules a bit.

Legality of gambling in Netherlands

Long story short, it’s a mess, or perhaps a more precise description would be democratic hell, where a lot of parties discuss but can’t reach a conclusion.

Online gambling is generally illegal in Netherlands if the website is also hosted in Netherlands, and there’s a way to get a licence but no licences have been issued.

At the same time, the authorities are actively policing the Internet and trying to block online casinos that offer their services to Dutch players.

Netherlands is definitely moving towards a regulated market where casinos will be able to get licences, it’s just that it won’t happen before 2020 or 2021, provided there are no more democratic setbacks.

Until that happens, players will be opening accounts with online casinos that are happy to accept Dutch customers. This feat isn’t made any easier if we know that casinos with Curaçao licence, also known as the accept-all licence, generally don’t accept Dutch players precisely for the reason of being one of four constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

So how to choose a good casino?

Obviously, as is always the case with grey area markets where players must search for a casino that will accept them, the big brands are taken out of the picture, and so are a lot of the smaller casinos that rely on the Curaçao licence.

That leaves the players with a selection of brands that are virtually unheard of, as they are the ones who flew under the radar and avoided the block by the government.

Meaning, the player most definitely has to use help by a reputable website such as the one linked to in the opening paragraph – that will do its own research and act as the mediator that only recommends the honest and reliable casinos.

In short, use that link to get a list of the good casinos and choose one.


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