Bet Section includes prioritized and tailored markets, live bet tracking and exclusive promotions


core Media and Gaming on Thursday debuted a new section on the betting platform called Bet Section, an integrated and personalized suite of betting features with a dedicated home within theScore’s media app.

These features include prioritized and tailored markets, live bet tracking and exclusive promotions. Bet Section’s deep integrations allow users to create bet slips, follow their action and receive cash-out offers for theScore Bet, all within theScore.

“We launched theScore Bet on the premise that betting should be a natural extension of how fans consume sports, not an isolated transactional experience,” said John Levy, Founder and CEO, theScore. “With the launch of Bet Section we’re further fulfilling that mission by creating an unparalleled cross-platform experience that personalizes and streamlines the betting process for users as they interact with our media app. It’s natural, seamless and reinforces our cutting-edge approach in fusing media with gaming.”

Bet Section surfaces the most relevant markets available on theScore Bet based on sports fans’ favorite teams and leagues on theScore, helping them discover the bets they’re most likely to care about. Also, when a bet is placed on theScore Bet, it will automatically be tracked live within Bet Section on theScore, meaning that users can follow their wagers live in theScore’s sports app – including seeing real-time cash-out offers – allowing them to always know where their action stands while still focusing on the game.

In addition, sports fans will be served exclusive and personalized promotions for theScore Bet. Users will also be able to see how picks are polling with other users of theScore, cast their vote and use the results to start building a bet slip.

Bet Section is available now for all U.S. users of theScore app on iOS devices with Bet Mode activated from their profile page. theScore Bet is currently live and taking bets in New Jersey, Colorado and Indiana, with more states to follow.

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