evada’s governor said on Sunday he was tightening coronavirus restrictions on casinos, restaurants and bars, while imposing a broader statewide mandate for face-coverings over the next three weeks.

The new measures, effective on Tuesday, come as state and local government leaders around the country have moved to reinstate a wide range of limits to tame an alarming surge of infections following a summertime lull in the pandemic.

“Whether you believe in the science of Covid or not, the reality is this — Covid is filling up our hospital beds, and that threatens all Nevadans,” Gov. Steve Sisolak, said in announcing what he called a new “statewide pause.”

“Our case rate growth is at wildfire levels, ahead of neighboring states such as Arizona. All available models indicate that Nevada is in the” red zone “and medical. Experts expect case growth to continue based on current trends, “says Sisorak.

He said that 10% of all Nevada cases have been recorded in the last 7 days, and Nevada is diagnosed with COVID-19 per minute.

Gaming operations
Casinos and other gaming facilities are limited to a 25% occupancy and must follow the guidelines of the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

“If [the casino] doesn’t obey them, they will face the results portrayed by the Gaming Control Board,” Sisorak said of compliance at the local casino.

Restaurants and bars in the gaming facility are also limited to a 25% occupancy.

Original article: https://www.yogonet.com/international//noticias/2020/11/23/55551-nevada-casinos-face-25por_ciento-occupancy-limit-under-new-covid-rules


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